Are you success ready? [Part 1]

Success is the holy grail. It’s something we all define completely differently of course but, as aspiring business people, our own success is something we examine from many angles. But what if it were to arrive tomorrow? Are you ready?

Of course, success doesn’t arrive overnight, but the point is that if we approach our definition of success over the next few weeks, months, years, can we handle it? There are many factors we should consider – our energy levels, general health, our mindset, the practicalities, the finances, our geography and so much more.

Success is also the ultimate shapeshifter – it changes, reshapes and emerges as something else as we get closer. The old saying goes something like ‘remember when you really wanted what you’ve got now?’ You’ve moved on, you want more, something different, a new goal. It’s absolutely natural and it powers us on. It helps us to strive and have ambition. But we always have to be able to step up and stand up to it positively.

Alongside your business plan, incorporate your own role. Think about the stages your plan goes through and work out how you will keep up. Assess your strengths and weaknesses so you know what is going well and understand what you can improve. You are fundamental to your business but as it grows it becomes less about your direct productivity and more about your ability to manage and lead. You may need to factor in further training, wider reading, more networking – whatever it is that will continue to steer your business towards success.

At a basic level, make sure you are taking care of your general health. This includes the right nutrition, a sensible level of exercise and good quality sleep.

Ross and Jonathan both passionately advocate a plant-based diet for a number of health reasons (we will cover this in a separate article). However you approach food, eat heartily, healthily and keep up a good intake of green and fresh things! You won’t go far wrong by eating a clean diet.

Jonathan and Ross are both extreme athletes which we don’t suggest is essential by any means – but keep moving and make exercise a pleasant, effective and regular part of each day. An hour’s brisk walk will clear your head, raise your heart levels and get you some important Vitamin D. It also pleases the dog!

And for sleep, we all know the drill… no devices in your bedroom, work out the right amount for your own performance levels and get an app to monitor how deeply you’re sleeping. Sleep fixes a lot of things.

There’s a lot more to each of these factors but they are a good start in our challenge to be ready for success. We’ll go into more detail as the month goes on so be sure to check back.

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